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CSA 2024

CSA 2024

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Rebuild Our Parish Home

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Knights of Columbus Queen of Apostles Council 6548

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June 11, 2023 through July 17, 2024

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Eucharistic Revival
Eucharistic Revival
July 24, 2024 | 10:00 am

EUCHARISTIC REVIVAL: June 11, 2023, through July 17, 2024, has been designated by the United States Catholic Bishops as the Year of Parish Revival. Are you yearning for some quiet time…Read More

Ladies’ Card Club-St. James
Ladies’ Card Club-St. James
July 24, 2024 | 1:00 pm
Saint Vincent de Paul Collection-OLL
Saint Vincent de Paul Collection-OLL
July 28, 2024 | 9:00 am

There will be a second collection for the Saint Vincent de Paul, Prudenville, at the Saturday 4 PM Mass on July 27th and the Sunday 9 AM Mass on July…Read More

It takes a community to raise a school.

A message from Father Peter Eke

Dear Our Lady of the Lake Parents, Parishioners and Friends,

Welcome to our 10th annual Stargazer Gala, the first since the COVID-19 pandemic. It takes a
community to raise a school. Our Lady of the Lake Regional Catholic School (OLLRCS) Gala is
the highlight of the school’s social and fundraising events. The annual event provides an
opportunity for parents, parishioners, businesses, and other supporters to make a tax-deductible
donation to the school. These funds help to cover operating costs and ensure the long-term
financial viability of the school.

Since 1943, Our Lady of the Lake School has played a critical role in the Church and its mission and
future in our community. Thus, it follows that the work of the school is irreplaceable, and the
investment of human and material resources in the school becomes a prophetic choice. Through
Catholic education, the Church carries on her duty to model the very person of Jesus Christ, to
teach the Gospel, and to evangelize our culture.

At the heart of the mission of Catholic education is the belief that each and every child is blessed
with God-given gifts and talents. Every day, our Catholic school seeks to nurture and draw forth
these gifts and talents by providing an academically excellent, Christ-centered education. In
doing so, our school empowers students to reach their full potential in all facets of their lives.

The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education states: “Christ is the foundation of the whole
educational enterprise in a Catholic school. His revelation gives new meaning to life and helps
man to direct his thoughts, action, and will according to the Gospel, making the beatitudes his
norm of life……. The Catholic school is committed thus to the development of the whole man,
since in Christ, the Perfect Man, all human values find their fulfilment and unity.” (Nos. 34-35)

The Palmist asked, “How can I repay the Lord for his goodness to me”? One of the answers we
can provide to the question is the reason we have all gathered this evening. That is, supporting
our children and offering many opportunities to attend our beloved Our Lady of the Lake
Regional Catholic School. We are incredibly grateful for our generous sponsors and the
overwhelming support from the community, which continue to make the annual Stargazer Gala a
resounding success.

It is with this spirit that we are very thankful for your prayers and support during the difficult
COVID-19 years. Without your financial support, things would have been extremely difficult
for the students, administration, and staff. The parents were our heroes. They played their part
diligently. During those days, we were able to keep our school open, even without closing for a
day, due to COVID-19. While other schools in the Diocese and State were in remote learning, we had
face-to-face teaching throughout the school year. We couldn’t have pulled it off without prayers
and support. For that, we say Thank You!

I sincerely thank each and every staff member and volunteer in our school for your dedication to
our students and their families. Jesus calls us to serve in unexpected ways. Thank you for your
service. You continue to live our vision for Catholic education daily, which states, “Our Lady of
the Lake Regional Catholic School unites with family and community to create a dynamic
academic environment, rooted in the Eucharist and the Word, cultivating God-given talents.”​
Jesus has well and truly been our greatest teacher in recent times in the support provided to all in
our school communities and beyond. The words of the Sacred Congregation for Catholic
Education is better fitted here as we recognize the work of our teachers, staff, and volunteers:
“To commit oneself to working in accordance with the aims of a Catholic School is to make a
great act of faith in the necessity and influence of this apostolate. Only one who has this
conviction and accepts Christ’s message, who has a love for and understands today’s young
people, who appreciate what people’s real problems and difficulties are, will be led to
contribute with courage and even audacity to the progress of this apostolate in building up a
Catholic school, which puts its theory into practice, which renews itself according to its ideals
and to present needs.”

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, as we gather tonight for this year’s Gala, let us enjoy the
social event with excellent food and drink. On behalf of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church
and School, we thank you for joining us for a night of fellowship, hospitality, and giving. We are
humbled by your generosity and are honored to have you.

Parish Mission with Father Ken Geraci

Why Be A Catholic?

Father Ken Geraci CPM will focused on a different topics during the week.

-What did Jesus Do-Church or Spirituality?
-Why do we do that as Catholics?
-Two Obstacles to Healing
-How to pray the Mass

Thanks to everyone
who helped to organize, provided
items for the social and attended or prayed for
the success of the Parish Mission. Your
dedication and prayers are greatly




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