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The Adult Faith Formation Program of Our Lady of the Lake Parish will strive to nourish Catholic adults with the Gospel message that they may grow in faith, make the meaning of the Gospel relevant to their daily life, and actively participate in the life and mission of the Catholic Church through a catechetical program and various spiritual formations.


  1. To invite and welcome adult parishioners to encounter Jesus in the fullness of our Catholic faith;
  2. To foster gospel values in our Parish so that our Catholic faith will have an impact on every family as it is considered the “domestic church”, and in our community in general;
  3. To nourish and enrich our adults to continue their faith and spiritual formation, and to live their faith through prayer, study and action;
  4. To encourage and develop enthusiasm among our adult parishioners in their faith that they may desire to share it with their families and others.


  1. To develop a comprehensive adult faith formation program.
  2. To offer ongoing spiritual formation and enrichment workshops.
  3. To promote individual or group discussion and dialogue on Scripture and Catholic teachings.
  4. To provide guidance and direction to the adult parishioners to various parish ministries and church activities.

  • Curious about what Catholics believe?
  • Considering getting baptized?
  • Missing a sacrament or two?
  • Looking for personal enrichment?

Please contact our Faith Formation Director at 989-366-5533 or fill out the contact form below.

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