2023-2024 Tuition*
1st Child $2,800  (PreK $3,100)
2nd Child $2,550
3rd Child $2,300
4th Child + additional $500
​$125 Annual Enrollment Fee/family (non-refundable)
*100 Service Hours/Family are required in addition to tuition.

​A Catholic parochial school is an extension of a larger entity, namely the local church. Webster defines parochial as, “of, or relating to, a church parish.” A parochial school does not stand alone. It is part of and is supported by something bigger than itself. We are not an independent entity; we do not stand alone, either in our mission or in the financing of that mission. We are an extension of Our Lady of the Lake Church. Indeed, we are one of the primary ways (if not the primary way) that Our Lady of the Lake fulfills its fundamental mission to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. We do this by teaching the faith to the youngest members of our church family. Though accomplished within the context of an academic setting, it is this proclamation of faith which is the reason our school was established in the first place, and it is the primary reason for its existence today.

The parochial school model says, “All Catholic children have a right to a Catholic education, regardless of the financial resources of their particular family.” Therefore, when the costs of the school go up, a parochial school doesn’t simply raise the tuition to keep from going into the red. A parochial school is not an academic “business.” It is an evangelical mission. How, then, is a parochial school supposed to pay for itself? First of all, we do charge some tuition, but anyone who is familiar with the costs of education knows that these revenues provide for only a fraction of the overall cost of the school. We have a wonderful parish school, one that is well worth keeping…and supporting. Please spend time considering God’s gifts to us and prayerfully consider supporting Our Lady of the Lake Church and Regional Catholic School.

Our Lady of the Lake Regional Catholic School is a parochial school.

Tuition Assistance

Due to the great generosity of donors, a limited amount of tuition scholarships are available to assist in making education more affordable at Our Lady of the Lake Regional School. To distribute these monies equitably, we request the submission of the previous year’s IRS 1040 as proof of income to justify the need. If income taxes are not filed, other acceptable sources of income may be requested. The information will then be used to determine an award package for the upcoming school year. Information is submitted to the office and held in the strictest confidence.

​Tuition assistance applications should be submitted with the following supporting financial documentation: 

  • Copies of your 2022 Federal tax forms, including all supporting tax schedules, or
  • Copies of your 2022 W-2 forms for both you and your spouse, or
  • Copies of supporting documentation for social security income, welfare, child support, food stamps, worker’s compensation, and TANF.​
  • A letter of explanation of any unusual circumstance creating a temporary financial need (illness, accident, unemployment, etc.).

Family Service Hours

Each school family is required to serve 100 hours in an effort to reduce school expenses and increase school income. Ideally, these hours are spent in fundraising for our major OLLRCS Gala Auction Event. Families may also choose to purchase service hours at a rate of $12/hour.