September 16, 2021

Dear Mrs. Johnson

Trisha is the star of her math class.?  She gives all the credit to you and Dr. Steve!!! Her High School Algebra teacher is so impressed. Trisha is constantly answering questions and helping others. Thank you so much for all you do for the students at OLLRCS!

Marikay Kartz – Mother of OLLRCS 2021 graduate, Trisha Kartz


“Last night, when I came home, I overheard my daughter say the entire Lord’s Prayer while she was working in her art room. Then this morning, we were running a bit late and she told Daddy, ‘Please hurry. I don’t want to miss prayers.’ She is so spiritual for six years old; it is hard to describe. She always wants to sing, pray, and read Bible stories. Her love for Jesus Christ is so joyful. We brought her to Our Lady of the Lake Regional Catholic School for her education and a spiritual environment, which you have more than met. She is thriving there with all of you. Thank you for this blessing.”


“Our Lady of the Lake Regional Catholic School allows our children to experience an extension of our family’s Catholic values throughout their day, even when they are apart from us at school. Love, service to others, and a focus on discipline and virtuous living serve to educate the whole person, in addition to providing strong, individualized academics. The combination of the small student body and mixed grade levels elevate the individuals and creates a family-like affection between students, staff, and parents. One can’t help loving this school!”

“We send our kids to Our Lady of the Lake Regional Catholic School for a strong and faith-filled Catholic education. The small classrooms and loving environment keep our children closer to God and their faith family.”


“I am not afraid of what they might be taught. I like that my children will know everyone in the school, all students and staff. I love the staff’s willingness to go the extra mile. I am amazed by my sons’ improvement week to week. There is no better place for my children.”

“We love the small family atmosphere of the school. All of the children are friends and look out for one another.”

“The first reason I send my children to Our Lady of the Lake Regional Catholic School is because a Christian foundation is taught. Second, both of my children’s academic needs are met with small, combined classrooms. Lastly, the flexibility of popping in and out of the school any time I please is convenient for families.”