Your donation is deeply appreciated; it is not too late to donate to a wonderful educational experience.

We are asking you for your support for our educational needs. We are students who attend Our Lady of the Lake Regional Catholic School (OLLRCS) and are in the third, sixth, and seventh grades. We appreciate that our parents have decided to send us here from a young age. What we enjoy most about our school is how caring everybody is here.

If the call for you is to assist us with God’s message to educate His children, please read, complete, and return the sponsorship form attached to our letter. Your donations of prayers and funding will allow students the opportunity to develop and shine in our own unique ways! Students don’t just come to OLLRCS; they BECOME OLLRCS!

With gratitude and gratefulness,

Ari, Annie, and Laura

As our Catholic School continues to move forward through the Covid-19 crisis, monetary donations are needed to help fund adequate education and operational expenses for the knowledge welfare of God’s Children enrolled at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Catholic School. The current enrollment is 84 students. The cost to educate a student at OLLRCS is approximately $8,000 per year. The family portion is $3000 for Pre-K students and $2700 for K-8 students. Your donation of any amount is deeply appreciated at this time and is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.